Debt Collecting Services

From the inception of SCHEEPERS PRETORIUS ATTORNEYS, we have acutely instituted collection matters for businesses, financial institutions and other professional practices.

We have dedicated ourselves to aid our clients in managing a healthy cash flow to avoid the financial difficulties which often arise as a result of debtors defaulting on payments. We assist our clients to realign their debt strategies by way of either soft collections and / or legal action. We ensure that measures are taken to protect our clients’ reputations while taking into account the requirements and positions of their businesses when collecting from non-compliant and defaulting debtors.

We have developed long-standing relationships with a number of collections professionals such as tracers and investigators over the years, allowing us to attend to our client’s matters effectively.

Due to our membership held at TransUnion Credit Bureau, we are able to provide blacklisting services. Blacklisting is done in accordance with the provisions of the National Credit Act and may aid as an effective debt collection tool, especially where the amount may be considered too small to proceed with formal litigation.
Prior to instituting legal action, we attempt to identify debtors who wish to continue with a business relationship with our client, after which we negotiate suitable settlement proposals.
In the event the debtor fails to co-operate during the Soft Collection process, we immediately institute legal action by way of of a Letter of Demand and Summons. Should the debtor be non-compliant, we shall proceed to apply for default judgment which results in a warrant of execution against the debtor’s movables.
Our tailored pricing allows for more flexibility when making us of our collection services. We assess your needs as an individual or corporate entity to determine if a Bulk Fee Structure (five or more instructions) is appropriate to your situation or whether fees should be paid upon successful collection of debt (Contingency Fees).
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