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Representing the legal interests of businesses and business owners is one of the pillars of Scheepers Pretorius Attorneys.

This is the field in law which regulates the commercial, legal and other relationships between businesses. It includes the drafting of agreements, commercial negotiations and advice, contract management assistance and litigation which may follow, should any dispute arise therefrom.

Establishing and operating a business in Gauteng is complex. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and to protect their legal interests.

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Business & Corporate Law

The importance of well drafted, secure contracts on all levels of your business cannot be emphasized enough. We offer a legal services in all aspects of contracts across all commercial sectors, including the drafting, negotiating and vetting of the listed types of contracts.

Once our clients have the contracts in place, we offer further services of managing same on behalf of our clients.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation and dispute resolution is one of our core practice areas. Litigation can adversely impact your business objectives or even the continued feasibility of your business. It is thus important for our client’s to receive practical legal advice and focused representation.

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