Civil Litigation

Scheepers Pretorius Attorneys’ Litigation Department is a full service department, with significant depth, covering most areas of litigation arising out of the Magistrate’s Court, Regional Court and / or High Court.

We are well experienced as to analyse our client’s disputes and to identify solutions to prevent disputes from escalating to a point where they have to be resolved in a court. In the event litigation is unavoidable, we shall fiercely and fearlessly ensure that our client receives the best possible outcome.

Such litigation includes (but is not limited to):
  1. Disputes relating to private property and commercial property (such as arrear rental, evictions, Sectional Title Act, Boundary disputes etc.)
  2. Disputes relating to contracts.
  3. Disputes relating to damage (such as motor vehicle accident, injury, wrongful arrests, slip and falls etc.)

If you have questions or need assistance with any Civil Matter, please feel free to contact the attorneys at SCHEEPERS PRETORIUS ATTORNEYS.


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